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Diaper Stories - Crafting a Better Today Through laughter.

At Diaper Stories, we believe that happy families requires laughter, sharing and a disciplined approach to the way you treat every situation. Every page of this website is dedicated to these three factors in some fashion. The popularity of an online community has grown dramatically in the last five years, as social networks swept the planet, raising online levels of sophistication, complexity and specialization. Laughing time is now extremely critical and we must make every second count!

Among other things, we can help you find out how to laugh, where to laugh, when to laugh, and make you aware of the many funny situations that many have fallen into before you. We offer 100’s of stories - whether you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or expert level laugher, we guarantee there is something new for you to learn on here. We also evaluate all of the top stories out there, to help you make an even louder laugh before your visit ends here.

And not only do we strive to be the best laughing resource for everything family related, we are also one of the fastest growing online communities on the web today. Our community offers a unique discussion platform, where members chat about their funny children experiences. We keep track of the top-list to ensure bragging rights for those deserving!

Success in Diaper Stories now depends, more than ever before, on voted execution. Diaper Stories will choose ONE story every week to be the winner of a pack of diapers to be shipped to you, ALL on us.


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